Tis The Season to be Stress Full--Fa la la la la
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Yikes! Tis the Season to be Stress-full, Fa la la la la …


02 Dec Yikes! Tis the Season to be Stress-full, Fa la la la la …

A.  Hurried

B. Busy

C. Stressed out

D. All of the above

If you can put a check next to any of the above,  I know a gift you can give yourself! The holiday season is a time many things can make us go a little crazy inside…or a lot.

 You’re  busy getting gifts for other people — here’s my gift idea for you: a  list of simple yet effective ways to de-stress — to make your holidays more merry and bright!  Why not pick out three to try this week and then keep them going throughout your holiday season?

Stress-Lessening Activities

1. Savor your warm shower or bath. Really focus on letting your muscles release tension during this opportunity that’s already in your schedule.

2. Eliminate and concentrate: Look for ways to cut out nonessentials from your life. Examples: Choose giftwrap bags for some gifts instead of wrapping them with paper and tape. Clean your house “good enough” rather than to perfection.

3. Social Support. Talk to a supportive friend when you’re going through something disheartening or difficult. Call a good friend, even if they live in another state.

4. Relaxation Exercises. When you’re stressed-out, use a relaxation exercise, such as deep, slow, rhythmic breathing or progressive muscle relaxation.

5. Smile and laugh: Intentionally do this as often as appropriate throughout your day. Research shows that simply smiling more can make you happier. Wear a special ring, bracelet, or watch as a visual reminder. (It’s easy to forget when you’re stressed out.)

6. Click on each of the following words to find other ideas that will bring more  joy, replenishment, and relaxing fun into your holidays: joy, replenish, fun.

Stress Free Living

Guess what? The good news is that you can incorporate all of the above into the rest of your life, not just the holidays. So use this holiday opportunity as a springboard to begin new habits that will enhance the rest of your life. Make 2014 a merrier, brighter year!


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