Order Break Free - Mary Henderson
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Order Break Free

Don’t Let Chronic Illness Hold You Back from the Life You Want to Live! 

Break Free: Journey with God through Chronic Illness to Health

For each of us, there are things holding us back, hindrances that are spiritual, physical, mental or emotional in nature. Sometimes our challenges involve a combination of all of these things, from which we long to break free.


In 1997 my health suddenly spiraled downward inexplicably until I was in a wheelchair and could barely feed myself. Doctors had no solutions, so on my own I had to somehow pull up my own bootstraps and begin the arduous, unmapped climb to the place where I find myself now…living a normal, healthy life, working full-time, enjoying endless possibilities.


Through the years, people have asked how I got so well…going from being completely incapacitated in a wheelchair to remarkable health. In response, I wrote a book about my journey, Break Free, presenting a model and practical guide, for others to follow in order to find improvement whatever their chronic illness.


Order it here from WestBowAmazon  or  Barnes and Noble.