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Your Physical Life

Before I became seriously ill over a decade ago, I was the poster child for neglecting my body’s physical needs: nutrition, regular exercise, rest and relaxation, sunshine, vitamin and mineral supplements – you get the idea. I was too busy and there were more pressing priorities. When my health completely fell apart, I slowly realized that years of physical neglect had left my being with gaping holes. During my years of neglect, I had felt aches and pains, tiredness, emotional ups and downs, and sluggish thinking, but I didn’t know that this was my body crying out for attention.


This is why I am a huge advocate for physically caring for ourselves before major symptoms occur, because once they occur, you may never recover fully. Equally important is the fact that we want to flourish during our time on this planet, not merely survive.


And for those who are already struggling with physical symptoms like I was, restoring our physical health must be a top priority.


Please use the resources on this page and throughout the website toward your goal of flourishing and overflowing!

Click on the following headings to find articles related to your physical life:

This is an organization whose goal is to provide resources to get you healthy! Its primary focus is to help you toward a vegetarian way of life, providing information and motivation along the way. They also emphasize exercise and other things important toward physically thriving. Their free 60 Day Challenge delivers brief video e-mail links to your inbox for 60 days, informing and motivating you toward healthier living choices.

Hallelujah Acres

This organization wants to help you gain or maintain your health with information, tools, and practical ideas:With 17 years of experience in helping people find the underlying causes of their weakened immune systems, HealthQuarters can help you regain or maintain your health through natural medicine. From the common cold to terminal cancer let us be one of the tools you use to regain your health or to prevent degenerative diseases.”

HealthQuarters Ministry

As a medical doctor, Dr. Weil has been a pioneer in alternative and integrative medicine. A graduate of Harvard Medical School, he has written numerous books, teaches at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, and established the university’s Program in Integrative Medicine. Hundreds of physicians, physician’s assistants, and nurse practitioners have been trained there in the techniques of integrative medicine. Dr. Weil is truly an expert in this field, and his website is a gold mine of resources and motivation toward a healthy lifestyle.


Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D.

The following websites contain a great number of resources for patients and caregivers alike:

On this website, you can find helpful information for a variety of illnesses, receive support, and even research particular details, for example, what percent of the time a certain drug has worked for people like you.

One strength of this website is that physicians who are experts in their fields moderate many of the forums. Patients and experts are all part of one community.

This website includes large online communities for many illnesses and offers tools for patients to compare symptoms, effective drug dosages, and side effects.