Your Emotional Life - Mary Henderson
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Your Emotional Life

In different seasons of our lives, we realize that we need help and input regarding some aspect of our emotional and mental health. For some, it involves a relationship or family problem. At other times, it’s some aspect of anxiety or depression. Sometimes people struggle with anger, irritation, boredom, or other feelings. With chronic health issues, there can be a variety of factors. I hope you’ll find the links, articles, and other resources here to be helpful.

Emotional Life Articles

Click the link below to read articles on Emotional Life.

Emotional Life Articles:

This website is devoted to helping with difficult relationship issues, whether it’s a spouse, family members, friends, or coworkers. Check out the articles and practical ideas offered here.

Dr. Martin Seligman, author and professor at the University of Pennsylvania, has devoted his career to helping people achieve well-being and happiness apart from their circumstances. This website includes a variety of resources and assessments for increasing your positivity and well-being.

Dr. Martin Seligman

Rest Ministries is a website aimed at helping people with chronic illness. This link takes you directly to their page of blog entries addressing emotions associated with chronic illness.

Rest Ministries

Focus on the Family is an organization devoted to helping individuals and families to thrive. Their website contains numerous articles and links for various aspects of family, marriage, and mental health.

Focus on the Family

This website provides general and practical information about all aspects of mental health.

Mental Health –

Counselor Resources

An excellent online referral service to Christian Counselors in your area.

American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)

Contact Focus on the Family Counselors at: 1-800-232-4673

1-888-7 CLINIC or


A counseling ministry for missionaries.

The Oaks