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Friends: Why Some People Have More Than Others

What's a gift can you give yourself  in 2015 that costs nothing financially but will enrich you for years to come? How about a quiver – full of friends? Friends:  A Quiver Is Better Than a Single Arrow I've discovered that  most people feel that something is...

Flourish: How to Become a More Joyful Person

Imagine going through each day of your life significantly happier than you are right now. Imagine your light shining more brightly to others. I’m so excited to tell you about my new book that’s just been released: Retrain Your Brain for Joy – 31 Mini-Adventures. It’s...

Group of Multiethnic Ecstatic Business People Outdoors
Energy: Ten Ways to Have More!

Higher energy levels = more joy in your life = greater effectiveness in the things that are important to you. Join me in making healthy choices that keep us energized for all the good things we want to do on this planet!...

Joy: What’s Boxing You In?

I want to encourage us all to retrain our brains into a new habit of automatically focusing upon the positive. In doing this, we'll experience a whole lot more joy and gratitude. Why let our brains arbitrarily decide where to put our focus and how...

Kidnapper, qu.
Forgiveness: 7 Crucial Steps to Freedom

Who's Imprisoning Whom?   "I really want to forgive her but I can't." "He hurt me badly. But now it's hurting me more to not let it go and forgive him." I hear these types of things a lot in my counseling practice. When we're hurt or offended, at...

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Health: 3 Superstars I Want to Do Lunch With in 2014

This year, I want to do lunch with Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Ginger Southall, and Reverend George Malkmus. I want to watch these people eat. I want to see what food they put on their plates and ask them why. I want to get dessert ideas from them....

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Savoring — It’s Not Just for Dessert Anymore

If you’re like me, you’re going to do a lot of savoring in the weeks ahead. That is, you’re going to enjoy the taste or smell of (something) for as long as possible. You’re  going to bask, to enjoy, to relish, to feast your eyes upon.  Whether it’s...

Autumn: How About A Beauty Hunt Today?

Autumn: Time for a Positive New Habit  A beauty hunt: I try to do one every week. It not only refuels me, it continually resets the template of my mind toward positivity. Without resetting this template, most of our minds are progressively pulled downward, noticing and...